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Caresia, Foot Bandage Liner, Large
Manufacturer: Solaris
Price: $250.00
Item No: CR-LE-AB-L

Product Description:

The Caresia Foot Bandage Liner is now available in standard sizes. Originally developed for a specific teenage client, the Solaris staff was so impressed with the garment’s ability to resolve the daily discomfort of standing on hard cement floors that by week’s end 90% of the staff was donning these “comfy” boots and making more for friends and family. One family member with diabetes swears that the footwear has eliminated his foot pain and helped with his neuropathy. For the present, we are releasing the Caresia Foot Bandage Liner to address edema and lymphedema. Bandage over top to provide compression, and to customize fit. The Caresia Foot Bandage Liner is sold individually.

Size Descriptions:

Size: Large


Foot length up to 35 cm

Foot length up to 40 cm



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