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Tribute, Zipper Modification Chevron
Manufacturer: Solaris
Price: $100.00
Item No: MO-ZP, Chevron Channels

Zipper can be placed on teh lateral or medial seam for garments utilizing Chevron Channels.  To determin which position will be best for your patient, ask them to touch their foot from a seated postion.  Watch which side they naturally reach towards and indicate this on the order form.  Zippers allow easy access and decrease pulling on the garment when donning.  They typically begin at the ankle and end mid-thigh in LE-AG-C garments, or run from ankle to knee in LE_AD garments.  All zippers are back-set to ecustomnsure that delicate skin will not be pinched.  When ordering to fit your client's individual needs, please use the comments section to note customized placement.

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