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Jobst Custom Seamed, Vest, One Long Sleeve and one Short Sleeve
Manufacturer: Jobst
Price: $1,169.15
Item No: 100524

JOBST Custom Seamed® features and benefits:

The Specific custom garment for severe swelling or unusually shaped lower and upper extremities. 

What type of patient benefits from a Custom Seamed garment?

• Patients who need zippers, reinforcements, linings, contracture seams, ostomy openings, abdominal panels or other garment options to improve compliance and fit.

• Patients with abnormally shaped limbs.

Features                                                    Benefits

• Precise inch and a half measuring techniques and laser supported cut and sew design process.

• Ensures high precision for optimal fit of the garment.

• Unlimited size range.

• Fits abdnormally shaped arms, legs and torsos.

• Wide range of options and styles.

• Improved garment fit.

• Fast turnarond time from ordering to receiving the garment.

• Excellent for clinical patient follow up.

• Designed for 20-65+ mmHg compression.

• Effective management of a wide range of indications.


Additional Information:

• Graduated Comrpession Garments

• 20-90+ mmHg

• Available in more than 70 styles and options

• First choice for burn garments

• Fabric contains a blend of Spandex, Nylon and/or Polyester



To Place an Order please Call 888-214-4100.