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Jobst Custom Elvarex, Biker Shorts
Manufacturer: Jobst
Price: $1,689.63
Item No: 11823001, 11103102, 12103102

Jobst Custom Elvarex      

The specific custom garment for moderate to severe swelling of upper and lower extremities.

What type of patient benefits from a Custom Elvarex Garment?

  Patients who need long-term management of lymphedema, lipedema or severe vascular edema.  Elvarex offers solutions for the toughest venous and lymphological indications.

  Obese patients.


                    FEATURES                                                  BENEFITS

Open fabric mesh structure.

  Provides greater air permeability for increased patient comfort.

  Fabric lays flat against the skin instead of working into skin folds.

  Increased comfort for patients having hanging tissue and skin folds.

  Designed in 14-30mmHg (upper extremities), 18-90mmHg (lower extremities) compressions.

  Ensures garment solutions for many clinical situations.

  Durable fabric supported by a six month warranty.

  Extended wear.

Exerts a micro massage effect during normal body movements.

  Stimulates the lymph system to help loosen the fibrotic tissue.

  Easy landmark measuring system.

  Allows you more time to counsel and consult with patients. 


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