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Jobst 20-30 mmHg Armsleeve with Silicone Top Band
Manufacturer: Jobst
Price: $220.06
Item No: 101334

The JobstĀ® 20-30mmHg Armsleeve with 2" beaded silicone top band is ideal for the management of lymphedema of the arm. Advanced technology allows Jobst to knit exceptionally soft and comfortable arm sleeves that provide proven compression for the management of lymphedema. The JOBST Ready to Wear 20-30 mmHG Armsleeve & Gauntlet are specially designed for patients with edema, patients who cannot tolerate higher compression or have donning issues. The JOBST Ready to Wear 20-30 mmHg Armsleeve & Gauntlet offer these features:

* Soft and air permeable

* Durable, lightweight knit construction

* Fits a wide range of hand and arm shapes

* Easy to put on, comfortable to wear

Available in one color:

The following are the corresponding Jobst catalog numbers for ease of cross-referencing: 101334 , 101335 , 101336

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