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Tribute, Toes to Knee
Manufacturer: Solaris
Price: $1,765.25
Item No: LE-AD-C

Chevron style channels from toes to knee provides bi-directional flow-medial to lateral and distal to proximal.  Defined foot and ankle provide enhanced definition and greater comfort.  Now featuring a standard heel assist loop to aid donning.  Ideal for patients with edema and/or tissue induration at the foot, ankle, and lower leg, particularly if the popliteal lymph nodes have been damaged or removed.  Choose this style for patients with ankle skin folds or disproportional ankle to calf girths.  Tribute garmens provide approximately 28-30mmHg compression at the ankle.  Adding an Outer Jacket (OJ) will increase the compression by approx.  10mmHg.

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