Measure for Medical Compression Sleeves

Use the marker to mark the measurement points on the skin. Measuring points A, B, and C should be determined as described in the section, "Measuring for Medical Compression Gloves."

The next measuring point, point D, is located roughly halfway between C (wrist) and E (bend of the elbow).

Mark measuring point E in the bend of the elbow.

Locate measuring point F in the middle of the upper arm.

Measuring Point G is at the level of the axillary cavity. TIP: For identifying measuring point G: This point is most easily identified by inserting a flexible card in the armpit and bending it at right angles around the upper arm.

Measuring point G1 is about 4 cm above point G and is taken into account during the manufacturing of compression sleeve types AG-1 and CG-H.

Determine circumference C below the wrist. TIP: If the patient has already been measured for a glove, the same measurement can be used. Important: Do not pull the tape measure tight.

Determine circumference D.

Measure circumference E above the elbow with the arm slightly bent.

Measure circumference F at the middle of the upper arm.

Measure circumference G by placing the measuring tape around the upper arm. Make this measurement for CG-H, compression sleeve types as well.

Finally, take length measurements on the arm:
Determine the length CD.

Determine the length CE.

Determine the length CF. Press the tape measure down in the bend of the elbow.

Determine length CG (do this also for C-GH compression sleeve type).

Measure length GH for the shoulder cover that extends to the outer edge of the bra strap.

Determine the length of the support strap that extends from mid-shoulder to the waist.

Measure the width of the bra strap.