Instructions: Measuring For Compression Garments

The most important prerequisite for successful treatment with compression hosiery is a stocking that fits perfectly.

Therefore, measurements should only be taken by trained specialists using clearly defined criteria. The slightest measuring mistake may jeopardize the treatment or even cause harm. Precise measuring is particularly important with custom-made stockings, which are made according to the patient's individual measurements.

The basic rule is that the upper or lower extremity must be largely free of edema. The ideal time to take measurement is BEFORE any swelling can develop, i.e., in the morning or immediately after any compression bandages have been removed. Alternatively, it may be helpful to have the patient lie down for approximately 30 minutes with his/her legs elevated. In exceptional cases, the use of diuretics may be indicated if decongestion has not been satisfactorily accomplished through bandage treatment.

Please see the following sections for detailed instructions on how to take measurements:

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