Healthcare Coverage

Reimbursement Information for Patients

Absolute Medical, Inc. has an experienced team of reimbursement professionals committed to helping you gain insurance coverage for our Lymphedema Pumps, Custom and Ready to Wear Compression Stockings and Garments, and our Nighttime Compression Garments from ReidSleeve, Solaris, and JoviPak. The team works on your behalf to make the process of obtaining approval easier for you. Our persistence has led to reimbursement success for many patients.

How the Insurance Process Works

Here is an explanation of our process and how we work with your insurance company.

Part One: We gather information.

  • Patient information
  • Patient consent
  • Medical history

Part Two: We request payment authorization.

  • Verify your insurance benefits
  • Submit a request to your insurance company for coverage of one of our products
  • Follow-up with your insurance company until a decision is reached

Part Three: We receive your insurance company's decision.

If approved for coverage, we:

  • Notify you of the insurance approval
  • Discuss payment options for any co-pay responsibilities
  • Schedule an in home set up of our equipment
  • If you are receiving a custom compression stocking or garment we will schedule a date to measure your affected limb(s)
  • We will come to your house to perform a personalized training session with your new equipment.
  • Bill your insurance company

If your claim is denied, we:

  • Contact you to initiate the appeal process with your insurance company
  • Assemble a persuasive appeal package with information from you, your doctor and your therapist regarding your lymphedema care and treatment