FAQ: Medical Insurance

Insurance FAQ

Do you have a payment plan for patient's that do not have insurance?

We would require half of the amount down and the remaining will be billed to you for no longer then 6 months.
Do insurance companies cover compression garments?

Most private insurance companies (BCBS) cover compression garments, but unfortunately Medicare does not cover compression garments.
Do you have a payment plan for co-insurance?

We prefer to collect the co-insurance at the time of set up, but we will allow a 3 month payment plan for qualified individuals.
I have a secondary insurance, will I still have to pay my co-insurance?

Most likely your secondary insurance will pick up the co-insurance costs.
What is co-insurance?

Co-insurance is a provision by which the insured individual shares in the cost of certain expenses. For example: If your insurance company pays 80% of such expense your responsibility would be the remaining 20% of the cost.
How do I find out what my insurance will pay for the pneumatic compression pump?

Our billing staff will contact your insurance company to find out how much your insurance carrier will cover for the pump.
What insurances do you accept?

We accept most insurances, including, Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield.
How do I qualify with my insurance for a pneumatic compression pump?

Pneumatic compression pumps are covered by most insurance companies if the patient suffers from lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency with venous stasis ulcers.